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Interface vs Abstract class in PHP

Interfaces and Abstract classes are powerful and fundamental concepts in OOP, but there’s an awful lot of confusion about what these do and why you should use each.

We will examine why an abstract class is good when you want to specify some implementation details, and how an interface is good when you can’t generically describe any of the implementation details but you know what the functions should be named and what their signatures should look like.

Let’s take a look at why these should be utilized with some simple analogies and code examples.

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Creating a click to edit JQuery Plugin

Being able to edit data immediately is an awesome feature provided by two of my favorite web tools – Trello and JIRA. It is super easy to change information that might have been entered wrong, or simply needs updating. I often use this sort of element in my own applications so I decided to make a more reusable component with a JQuery plugin. I also love Twitter Bootstrap’s styling, so the plugin utilizes some of the styling.

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